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Meet Lauren

Meet Lauren

Nutritionist and Health Coach

At 8 years old, when asked what my favorite food was, I replied "salmon and broccoli with lemon dill sauce". That answer got a lot of strange looks, but my love of healthy foods led me to get a Master’s degree in clinical nutrition so I can share her passion and joy with others.


My professional background as an elite triathlete brought me to Boulder, and I fell in love with the mountains. Aspen Alley is my favorite local trail to bike and run...





Why Naturopathy

Why Work With Me?

These are just some of the things

I can help with

Roasted Vegetables


The microbiome plays a large role in how we digest our food, and what we eat shapes our microbiome. Certain foods can cause or reduce inflammation in the gut that effects the integrity of the GI lining and the ability to digest food well. 


Food is our source of energy! Certain foods cause energy spikes and crashes. Foods can be paired and timed throughout the day to improve blood sugar balance and give you steady energy levels. 

Hormone Health

Our hormones respond to our energy and stress levels. Nutrition, along with lifestyle changes, is a simple and effective intervention to regain healthy hormone balance. Digestion, inflammation, stress and sleep all come into play when restoring hormone health.


Nutrition plays a key role in our ability to tap into energy sources and meet the demands to perform at optimal levels. Adequate nutrition and timing is equally crucial for recovery, providing the building blocks for muscle to repair and adapt to stress.


Certain foods can cause inflammatory responses and others are anti-inflammatory. This is often dependent of what an individual is reactive too. Following an individualized nutrition protocol is very effective for managing a range of inflammatory conditions. 

Stress and Sleep

The connection between the gut and the brain directly effects our nervous system. What and when we eat has a significant impact on our ability to wind down and our quality of sleep. Adaptogens are very helpful plant foods that help our body mitigate stress, restore, and recover from unavoidable stress. 


"I have found working with Lauren extremely refreshing. Her focus on eating whole foods and
enjoying what you eat is so important. I really have appreciated this approach rather than being
overly restrictive. The other area that she has really helped me out with is in planning how to
actually accomplish my goals and to stick to them. She is a great guide for people wanting to
live healthier and more fulfilling lives."
John W



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