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Get to know me and my approach to help you

At 8 years old, when asked what my favorite food was, I replied "salmon and broccoli with lemon dill sauce". That answer got a lot of strange looks, but my love of healthy foods led me to get a Master’s degree in clinical nutrition so I could share my passion and joy with others.


My professional background as an elite triathlete brought me to Boulder, and I fell in love with the mountains. Aspen Alley is my favorite local trail to bike and run.

I offer a warm empathetic presence to my clients. I love listening to people tell their stories and understand that nutrition can bring up a lot of emotions and self-judgement. I can hold space for that while offering support to shift the narrative to one of ease and joy with food. Guiding people to find a balanced routine with healthful food and getting out in the mountains is what I enjoy most. I do this by helping my clients navigate through all the mis-information and toxic media messages about nutrition, and to be empowered with science-based education. 


I approach each client individually with an inquisitive nature to get to the root cause of imbalances. I'm a tenacious problem solver and will look beyond individual symptoms to see the big picture and effect change. As a lifelong student, I will do my homework researching to help clients get the best result. 

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